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Different Types of Burglar Alarms Recommended by Southfield Locksmith

Burglar Alarms play a significant role in enhancing the security of your home and business. Southfield locksmith states that burglar alarms are a useful addition to your home and office as it provides you with security and peace of mind. According to Southfield locksmith, there are wide varieties of burglar alarms available in the market with several unique features.

In this article, Southfield locksmith sheds light on the different types of burglar alarms that you can install in your home as well as your office.
Southfield locksmith states that there are three categories of burglar alarms. They are as follows:

  • Hard-wired Burglar alarm that requires wires;
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm that functions via radio waves; and
  • Self-contained burglar alarm that consists of the alarm, sensor and control in one single unit.

Southfield locksmith suggests that homeowners and as well as business owners should spend some time to know the features of each category of burglar alarms before selecting one that would suit their requirements. According to Southfield locksmith, though most of the burglar alarms consist of the same components, their method of functioning differ extensively.

Southfield locksmith advises homeowners as well as business owners to choose amongst the following types of burglar alarms:

  • Magnetic Alarm: Southfield locksmith states that the simplest models of burglar alarms consist of magnetic switch sensor that helps to trigger an alarm when a burglar tries to break into your property.
  • Passive Infrared Motion Detector:This alarm is ideal for detecting movement of a burglar inside your house.According to Southfield locksmith, Passive Infrared Motion Detector has been uniquely designed to get activated as soon as it detects body heat and movement of the intruder.
  • Monitored burglar alarm: According to Southfield locksmith, monitored alarms are the quite expensive compared to other burglar alarms. Southfield locksmith states that as soon as a monitored burglar alarm detects an intruder, it utilizes the telephone line of your home to call your cell phone in order to warn you. According to Southfield locksmith, some monitored burglar alarms are also programmed to contact the monitoring center that calls either the homeowner or the police to take prompt action.
  • Ultrasonic Burglar Alarm: Southfield locksmith states that these alarms function with the help of high frequency sound waves to monitor the presence of intruders in your house.
  • Microwave Detectors: These alarms function like that of ultrasonic burglar alarms. According to Southfield locksmith, microwave detectors are better than ultrasonic alarms as the radio waves in microwave detector can pierce through the walls of your house for detecting movement in all the rooms in your house.
  • Shock sensor alarm: You may connect this alarm to a magnetic switch and can also add it to the door or window of your house. Southfield locksmith suggests that in order to get additional security, you may also purchase advanced shock sensor alarm that can be installed anywhere in your house. Shock sensor alarms can easily sense if someone is trying to break into your house.

These are the various types of burglar alarms available in the market. According to Southfield locksmith each type has its own unique advantages; therefore, Southfield locksmith suggests that you should choose the one that will perfectly suit the needs of your home or business.